How It Works

As soon as your sunglasses arrive at my workshop they get the following procedure which can take a few weeks in total.

• 1) Disassembling – lenses and rubbers removed

• 2) Sterilisation process – All frames go through the deep cleaning process

• 3) Frame Prep – degreasing and surface preparation

• 4) Adhesion Coat – 2 x coats. First layers aids paint Adhesion

• 5) Primer – multiple coats of primer. ensures better adhesion to the surface, increases durability, and provides additional protection for the material being painted

• 6) Base Coat added – multiple coats of base colour. This coat contains the visual properties of color and is usually the one referred to as the paint.

• 7) Artwork/decoration added. Text, Logo, Splatter, fade etc. This is where the final look of the frames will come together.

• 8) Clear Coat added. Multiple coats of lacquer added. Matt or gloss depending on requirements. Gloss can polished up to make a High Gloss finish.

• 9) Reassembly.. Icons & rubbers added. After a minimum of 5 days the lenses can be reinstalled by a professional. If you’re adding lenses yourself – at least 90 days are required to allow clear coat to fully harden.